Stress is the common word which we listen to our routine and everybody has to deal with it. There comes a basic question what’s stress. Simply, there are changes occurring in our environment, our body’s mental, emotional and physical response to these changes is stress. Stress may be taken in the positive sense or negative sense. Stress is positive when change interacting us provides some opportunities to avail something remarkable, some positive experiences and some pleasant memories. It may be considered negative when a person feels the overload of problems, problems may be social, physical, emotional, mental and organizational. Stress overloaded is bad for normal health and life.


Types of Stress

Stress is usually of three types which are:-

Acute Stress: Stress which we suffer in our routine and is of short-term. It may be responsive to physical danger, anxiety, some excitement of getting something good, comes and disappears soon. Some usual problems may be produced as such headache, back pain, digestion problem and stomach problems

Episodic Stress: If a frequency of acute stress is great then its episodic stress. It found in people who have unachievable aims in life and their failure makes them a victim of stress. It causes same health problems as acute stress does.

Chronic Stress: Word chronic means “long term”. Disrupts the life a person on a large scale and deleterious to health and happy life. This may lead to some serious issues and even to suicide.

Causes of Stress:

  • Finance: Money problems, loans, and debts, expenditures
  • Working and Jobs: too much workload, interaction at workplace, inability to do a task and other such things
  • Social Strain and Social Conflict: considered as major contributor in stress-causing agents
  • Social Evils: harassment, inequality, dishonesty, injustice and many other agents
  • Physical Dangers: Animals, weather, traveling, diseases etc.

2Some Statistics about Stress: Different trauma happenings in life lead to stress. Causes of stress  according to a study by World Health Organization conducted in different 21 countries are as above 10% respondents told  witnessing violence (every kind of violence including domestic violence)  with its share of 21.8% or interpersonal violence (18.8%), Accidents (17.7%), War exposure (16.2%) and Trauma to loved one (12.5%). Furthermore, by taking representative samples and full diagnostic assessments, 15.4% of people reported Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) while 17.3% reported depression. These statistics show how important is stress and it’s an object to be taken seriously.

Whenever the issue arises there comes its prevention, cure, treatment, and ideas to tackle the issues here are the best 5 ways to overcome Stress and be healthy and happy in life

  • Release Stress by Regular Physical Activity: - Scientific research evidence shows that people doing regular physical activity are less anxious, tensed and depressed than people with low physical activity or sedentary lifestyle. A research conducted on animals suggested that physical activity and sports enhance production of norepinephrine (a hormone and neurotransmitter produced from adrenal glands and brain) which respond to a stress situation. Body’s ability to respond stress is increased intensively by exercise and sports due to enhanced production of norepinephrine and better physiological conditions. Better physiological conditions include better and normal health and better communication between the cardiovascular system, renal system, central and parasympathetic nervous system and body’s muscles. Yoga, Jogging, Walking, Cycling, Swimming are important activities to tackle stress. University of California, Los Angles conducted a study and reported that a certain kind of chanting Yoga meditation for 12 minutes daily for 8 weeks lead to the reduction in biological factors responsible for stress. According University of Michigan Depression Centre’s research about 43% adults suffer from stress and gyms may prove helpful to a great extent to reduce stress and depression.
  • Relieve Stress by Proper Diet: - “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” said by Hippocrates is perfect line to follow. We are what we eat. The Proper diet plan is most important in managing stress. Some foods prove best in stress and depression reduction. Some foods as foods rich in complex carbohydrates have a positive impact on Serotonin production which is brain calmer. Complex carbohydrates containing foods are Barley, Whole Wheat, Oats, Potato, Rye, Brown Rice and more like these. Some foods supress cortisol and adrenaline production consequently release stress. According to a research by Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Green leafy vegetables contain folate (A food component) with enhances Dopamine production in the body, dopamine is a stress and depression suppressor. In 2012 a study in Journal of Effective Disorders on 2800 middle-aged and elderly persons was published showing that those who consume more folate have a lower risk of depression and stress symptoms.

Foods high in Potassium contents and low in Sodium contents are helpful in releasing stress. Foods high in potassium are:-  


Serving Size

Amount of K (mg)


10 halves



01 ounce



01 cup


Beets, cooked

01 cup


Dates, dried

05 dates


Figs, dried

2 figs


Potatoes, cooked

1 potato



01 cup


Some herbal supplements may also be used to reduce stress such as lemon balm.

  • Through having Normal Sex life: - Sex is one of the basic desires of human beings. Sex is the natural way to manage stress without having any cost. A study showed that having sex daily for two weeks stimulate more growth of the cell in a portion of brain hippocampus, these cells are the source of reduction in Stress. CEO of Amai Wellness, Joseph J. Pinzone stated relating sex and stress as “There have been many studies, one landmark study found that sexual intercourse specifically (not masturbation) lowered systolic blood pressure.” Famous Psychiatrist Doctor Ambardar says, “Touching and hugging produces natural feel-good hormone and this hormone is stress releaser.” Moreover, sex life makes you closer to your life partner, giving feelings of happiness, calmness, and satisfaction. One may show his love to his partner and share his experiences and things those are disturbing his mental and emotional health. Sex makes moods good and pleasant and makes stress-free. A study conducted on Women to observe their stress response, heart rate and cortisol level were taken as a parameter to be measured, women who do sex with their partners show less stress response as compared to those women who don’t do so. 
  • Coming Closer to Nature: - Coming nearer to nature makes us feel good and it’s the best and easiest strategy to come over stress and is cost effective. A study on 25 Scottish men was published in Journal landscape and urban planning, scientist came to a decision that men living in areas where there’s greenery, parks, gardens having lower level of cortisol are less vulnerable to be a victim of stress as compared to those living a fully crowded, populous city areas with less greenery and natural beauty. There are some herbs such as lavender which produce a fragrance that lowers blood pressure and stressors. Some natural sounds are also stressed releasing. A study by Professor Michael Posner at University of Oregon unveiled in The Wall Street Journal says “after doing long and tensed task, walking through a park in natural environment and listening natural sounds reduces stress many times as compared to drinking coffee”
  • By Changing Life Style and Improving Social Interaction: - Giving much time to family, relatives and others loved ones in life is the relaxant. Physical health such as smartness, obesity is also important. American Psychological Association did an online survey, to see the relation of stress and family, conducted by Harris Interactive in 2010 showed that 34% obese parents face high levels of stress and blood pressure as compared to 23% who have normal weight. Further APA says children follow their parents and elders in a family so the stress-free environment of the family is important.

Barry Bittman MD, CEO and Medical Director at Meadville Medical Centre, Pa says, “Typical music-making is based on practice, performance and mastery. In recreational music-making, our intention is to feel comfortable and nurtured in a creative experience with absolutely no pressure.”

There are some easy techniques to manage stress by changing lifestyle:

  • Do work with balance
  • Have daily 7-8 hour sleep.
  • Go out for spending vacations
  • Be closer to your family
  • Have better food
  • Learn different relaxation techniques
  • Listen to music whenever stressed

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