Our minds are capable of far more powerful things than we can ever imagine. If employed the right way, it can help us heal, perform better and excel in life. Emotional Freedom Technique or (EFT) has the power to do just that:

Origins of EFT

It was around 5,000 years ago that the Chinese found a complex system of energy circuits that runs through each of our bodies. These energy circuits were called meridians and form the basis of many Eastern healing practices.

The idea behind EFT is pretty similar. By tapping at these all-important energy points, the body can experience some profound positive emotional and physical changes.

About Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

1 Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a revolutionary healing methodology that has produced remarkable results over the years. Based on the same core principles of acupuncture (except for the use of needles), the therapeutic technique stimulates certain nerve areas of the body to produce the healing effects.

Instead of the needles, the technique uses tapping.  EFT ensures that the body reaches its state of equilibrium and that the meridian system works fine.

What the Process Involves

A typical EFT session begins with the client acknowledging the problem—after positive affirmations are made to reframe the problem. Finally, strategic tapping at acupuncture meridians takes place to heal the client.

Does It Work?

Although energy psychology has been controversial (due to difficulty in measuring its phenomena), it has been a subject of scientific inquiry for decades. Several scientific studies have proven its effectiveness. From stress reduction to performance enhancement, EFT has proved to be a resourceful therapeutic procedure. Professionals in the field, such as sports, have adopted this technique and seen remarkable results.   

A research, published in The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice, demonstrates the effectiveness of EFT in reducing fear and anx2iety among university students. 119 participants took part in the study and were assigned to four groups; the EFT group, placebo group, modeling treatment group, and control group.

The results showed the characteristics that EFT shared with other traditional therapies were effective.

EFT can also help people ward off negative or unwanted feelings. With incredible relaxation techniques, it can instill positive beliefs in a person and increase his/her self-esteem.

Many clients have also reported emotional elevation after EFT. This means that the technique also works for spiritual healing.

Understanding the ins and outs of emotional freedom techniques, we at Excellence NLP Academy offer training in the effective tapping methodology. Our practitioners also provide life coach certification. Visit our website for more details about our programs.  

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