Is Emotional Freedom Technique Effective? Let’s Find Out

Our minds are capable of far more powerful things than we can ever imagine. If employed the right way, it can help us heal, perform better and excel in life. Emotional Freedom Technique or (EFT) has the power to do just that: Origins of EFT It was around 5,000 years ago that the Chinese found a complex system of energy circuits that runs through each of our bodies. These energy circuits were called meridians and form the basis of many Eastern healing practices. The idea behind EFT is pretty similar. By tapping at these all-important energy points, the body can

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Learn how to MANAGE STRESS in 5 Easy Ways

Stress is the common word which we listen to our routine and everybody has to deal with it. There comes a basic question what’s stress. Simply, there are changes occurring in our environment, our body’s mental, emotional and physical response to these changes is stress. Stress may be taken in the positive sense or negative sense. Stress is positive when change interacting us provides some opportunities to avail something remarkable, some positive experiences and some pleasant memories. It may be considered negative when a person feels the overload of problems, problems may be social, physical, emotional, mental and organizational. Stress

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Benefits Of NLP: Enable You To

Set your goal (define precisely what you want) Take action to achieve your goal Evaluate the changes produced by your actions Change your action plan if necessary to achieve better resultsContinue reading

Reiki: 7 Reasons to Choose it for Stress Reduction

Do you often feel stressed? Are you under pressure from demands at home or work or both? Do you know that stress is not just a feeling but has very real, physical effects on the body, some of which can be long term? Stress may be affecting your health without you realizing it. You may think illness is to blame for that nagging headache and fatigue, your frequent insomnia or your reduced productivity at work. However, stress may be the culprit. Stress can affect your body, your thoughts, and feelings and your behavior. Continue reading

How to tell if NLP coaching is for me?

          Is NLP training for you or will it be effective for you? To have an answer for this question let’s discuss what actually NLP is and what are the pros and cons of it. NLP is the abbreviation of “Neuro-linguistic Programming”. It is a behavioral modification technique that works on the basis of the connection between Neuro (Brain) and linguistics (language) and its effects on the human behavior, skills, thoughts, the way of perceiving the world and responding to certain situations. Continue reading

3 best ways to reduce impact of stress on memory

          Each and every one of us faces stress in our daily routine life, like driving on a busy road, getting late for school or work, a surprise test or coming across to your foe. No one can avoid the stress factor, instead, we have to face it, go through it and overcome it. Continue reading

9 Habits How to get motivated

Introduction The word “motivation” is used frequently in our daily lives. The people often complain that they are not motivated for a certain job that’s why they remain to fail to achieve the respective goal. Whenever the word motivation is used, the main objective behind is to encourage, influence or stimulate others for a certain cause.Continue reading

Want To Become A Life Coach? Here Are Some Tips

Throughout history, people have always needed mentors. Until quite recently, it was not a full-fledged career. However, things have changed. Life coaching has not only become a respectable career choice, but a lucrative one too. Continue reading

6 Health Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing technique that dates back around 2,500 years. Taking a holistic approach to healing, Reiki takes into account physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.Continue reading