The word “motivation” is used frequently in our daily lives. The people often complain that they are not motivated for a certain job that’s why they remain to fail to achieve the respective goal. Whenever the word motivation is used, the main objective behind is to encourage, influence or stimulate others for a certain cause.1The human being is a biological and the social being. The monotonous routine of colorless days may have made him frustrated from his life, so the motivation and encouragement act as a tool to refill the colors ion life. The word “motivation” dates back to its Latin origin, originating from “more I've” means move. The scientists and philosophers claim that the motivation is a physiological and the psychological process that helps the person to perform its duties in the best possible.

There are two types of people in the world.

1)    Those who are motivators

2)    Those who want motivation

The duty of the motivators become complicated when they have to address or encourage a big crowd. In this era, when the life is giving tough time to the Homo sapiens, the motivation is the ultimate goal of more than half of the population. So, it is mandatory for the motivational speakers to spread the laughter and positivity among the people.

The motivation may have different forms. The students require motivation for their studies and future goals. The employees need it for their career and to enhance their vision. The house head requires it to keep the life going. The housewife needs it to relief her tiredness etc. The researchers, through their research, have proved that the people who get motivated face more success than those who are least interested in the motivational tricks, tactics, and seminars. The results of motivation can be demonstrated with the help of an example. A survey has been carried out in America to see the results of employee’s performance before and after motivation.

Before Motivation   


After Motivation


18% people were not comfortable with their job. 23% people became satisfied and become clear to their goals of life.


52% people showed least interest in their job and future goals. 77% people get motivated and promised to work harder to get the success ahead.


    44% people were making their mind to resign. 66% sample population quit the decision to resign and encouraged themselves to make their career in the respective firm.


27% people were opportunity seekers. 44% people gave the vote in the favor od inner comfort as compared to opportunities.


6% requires a mentor for motivation.


67% said that the motivation plays an important role in success.

Lets come towards the main objective of the article. There are a number of ways, tactics and the habits to get motivated. Some of them are discussed below:

1)    The goal of life:

The main thing that a person should be focused on are the goals of life. The person without any aim or goal is just the salesman who travels on the ship throughout the day without any idea about the destination. The motivational speakers laid stress upon this point that the people should set their goal of life. The one goal with full attention can relieve the stress and there are more chances to get success in the respective field.

2)    Inspiration:

Sometimes, you do not have to do anything but to idealize someone. To find inspirations, to get the encouragement from the great personalities of your field. You have to make your mind according to the ways and tips, the successful people have shared. The people who get inspired from their ideal personalities are more likely to achieve their goals in less time. Read biographies, articles, magazines and other relevant material to get yourself inspired.2

3)    Autonomy:

The person cannot be motivated until he wants to get motivate himself. The biggest motivator or mentor of the person is he, himself. He has to motivate himself to face the challenges of life. Without the self-motivation, the person will be a complete failure. Edward L. Deci and Richard M. Ryan have spent many years in this research and they found the result that the autonomy is the key to success. The people who have the courage to beat the challenges of life themselves are preferred by the nature to spend the proper life ahead.

4)    Importance and Significance:

The person should develop the habit of giving value to his specific goal of life. The motivation is likely to enhance when you start giving value to something. The research has been carried out in Maryland University by Allan Wigfield and Jenna Cambria and they found that the student who have high interest in their subjects, get more motivated and show incredible results than those who have the least interest the in their subjects.

5)    Competitive Environment:

The environment has a great influence on the mind of the person working on a certain objective. If the person feels, it's a challenge for himself and work hard for the achievement or completion of the project, then the motivation continue to enhance with the passage of time and he may set an example for the others as well. A well-known psychologist at Stanford University, Mr. Carol S. Dweck has proved many results after his successful research. His results were mainly based on the fact that the hard work and competitive environment can increase the motivation in a person. So, everyone should be in habit to work in a tough and competitive environment to get motivated.

6)    Pomodoro Method:

This method is specifically suggested to employees of offices and students of colleges and universities. The people related to above mentioned soon get frustrated by their daily routine so they feel depressed. The Pomodoro method teaches them to get relax for five minutes after the hard work of twenty- five minutes. It refills your mind with energy and you feel comfortable with your assignments and tasks. Lisa Montero has published a detailed article about this technique that may prove helpful to the students and other people.

7)    Commitment:

You should announce your goal in front of your friends, colleagues, and family. It will give you more stamina and courage for the completion of your objective. If you speak louder in front of others, it means that you have enough courage to speak before others and you can do it. You can definitely do it. Show your commitment before your family and friends. It has been observed that when a person himself announces his commitment, the others also play the role of mentors to him and continue to support him until the completion of the certain objective.

8)    Company of right people:

“A man is known by company he keeps” …. A proverb that has proved itself correct through all times. The persons who want to get motivated must surround themselves with hard working and the right people. The right people here means those who remained committed to their goals and got the success in the end. Try to learn from their experience and avoid the mistakes made by them on their way. It is one of the important steps to get motivated.

9)    Good Health:

You have to take good care of your health to keep the things going. The boredom, mental sickness, anxiety and the depression are hurdles to motivation and to your success as well. Try to remain happy and fresh. It will help to get motivated all the time.

Summing up, no one can be the best mentor to anyone except himself. Everyone is his own master. The ultimate need is your concern and attention to the respective goals of life. Success Coach Training provides the suggestions to stay happy, blessed and give your full to your aims in order to fill your life with colors. 

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