Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing technique that dates back around 2,500 years. Taking a holistic approach to healing, Reiki takes into account physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

H1ow It Works

The basic idea is that a life force flows across the human body. Disturbances to the equilibrium of this flow can lead to illnesses and diseases. By means of touch, a Reiki practitioner can invoke natural healing process and restore the physical and emotional equilibrium of the body.   

Health Benefits

Over the years, Reiki has improved the physical and mental wellbeing of people around the world. Let us take a look at some of its incredible benefits to health:

Helps in Relieving Stress

From problems in digestion to sexual issues, stress has been linked to many unhealthy consequences. One of Reiki’s most well-known health benefits is stress reduction. The healing method has the power to activate the relaxation mechanisms in the body and helps it calm d2own. It can relieve people of their various anxieties and give a soothing feeling.  

Helps Get Rid of Depression

Depression is a collection of negative feelings that can sap a person’s energies and incite a vicious cycle. Reiki has been known to get rid of these negative feelings. The spiritual method can not only elevate mood, but can also help the person feel good about life in general.  

Helps Treat Infections

Reiki has been known to help overcome the side-effects serious surgeries. Research has shown that Reiki helped relieve side-effects (anaemia and neutropenia) of patients who were being treated for Hepatitis C.

Helps Treat Symptoms Associated with Cancer

Although, Reiki cannot entirely cure cancer, it can surely help with its symptoms. Research has shown that Reiki can considerably reduce the intensity of cancer symptoms, such as pain, fatigue, anxiety etc.

Furthermore, it has also been found to improve the quality of life among cancer patients.

Helps Relieve Shoulder and Back Pain

Reiki healing, when combined with physical therapy, can help treat shoulder and back pain. Not only that, the two methods can also improve the range of physical motion in the affected areas.

Enhances Emotional and Spiritual Health

Apart of its effectiveness with the physical aspects, Reiki can also help people grow spiritually. From helping people love more passionately to strengthening their social relationships, Reiki can prove to be a wonderful technique. Its goal is to enhance inner peace and harmony.   

Using the latest scientific procedures, the practitioners at Excellence NLP Academy provide Reiki training. Their Reiki healing courses have helped many of their clients become experts at implementing the methodology.

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